Advanced iFrame Pro v2023.2 – Download Plugin WordPress

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Advanced iFrame Pro v2023.2 - Download Plugin WordPress

Download Gratis Advanced iFrame Pro – Plugin WordPress v2023.2

Advanced iFrame Pro – Download Gratis Plugin WordPress v 2023.2 – CodeCanyon | Advanced iFrame Pro v2023.2 – Plugin WordPress (Diperbarui pada 13 Maret 2021) menyertakan konten sesuai keinginan ANDA dalam iframe yang dapat dengan mudah menyembunyikan dan sepenuhnya mengubah elemen dan meneruskan parameter. Anda juga dapat menyematkan konten secara langsung atau menampilkan bagian dari iframe. Sekarang ini memiliki lebih banyak fitur premium yang mudah digunakan sepenuhnya ramah pengguna yang ingin disertakan oleh setiap webmaster / blogger di blog atau situs web mereka…

Anda dapat secara dinamis menyesuaikan target koneksi induk dan tergantung pada konfigurasi Anda juga dari halaman iframe. Di iframe bahkan koneksi dapat diperbarui sekarang! Fungsi ini memungkinkan tautan dibuka langsung di lapisan tambahan dalam iframe. Oleh karena itu, meskipun memilih tautan eksternal, pengguna tidak meninggalkan laman web Anda! Lapisan tersebut mungkin juga memiliki header/footer khusus.


  • Ubah ukuran iframe menjadi tinggi atau lebar konten
  • Tampilkan hanya tentukan area iframe
  • Perbesar konten iframe
  • Ubah gaya css
  • Beban malas
  • Memuat indikator
  • Iframe/video responsif
  • Deteksi peramban
  • Ubah target tautan dan tampilkan iframe sebagai lapisan dengan header/footer
  • Menggulir di iPad dan iPhone
  • Penanganan parameter url tingkat lanjut
  • Gunakan iframe di area widget
  • Termasuk versi mandiri!


Link Download Gratis iFrame Pro Tingkat Lanjut

Changelog Canggih iFrame Pro Dibatalkan

New: Tested with WordPress 6.1.1
Fix: "Undefined array key" warnings when updating to php 8.x. If the database does not contain the required values now defaults are stored always during activation. Before it was only saved if no values where present.

Fix: hide_content_until_iframe_color was causing an "Too few arguments ..." error. This is fixed now.
Fix: addAdminHeaderCode is now using getAiAdminOptions instead of get_option. This does then always load the defaults even when the data could not be loaded from the database.
New: The HTML attribute refererpolicy is now available in the administration and as shortcode attribute.
New: Custom attributes can be added on the basic attributes page and in the shortcode. The shortcode attribute for this is custom="". e.g. custom="data-custom='data1' data-custom-2='data2'" if you like to add 2 custom attributes. See for an example.
New: Check all iframes is now also checking Gutenberg pages and display the page type in the tool-tip. Also normal HTML iframes are detected. So you can replaced them with advanced iframes.
New: src which are only numbers are now marked as invalid in the "check all iframes" feature.
New: Some themes like Twenty Twenty-Two required an additional p around the iframe to be placed properly. To render this element you can set now add_surrounding_p="true".
New: Enhanced the documentation of the HTML property "allow".
New: Enhanced registration message. The message cannot be removed permanently anymore as not all features are available anymore if have not entered it.
New: Invalid purchase codes are removed and not only a message is shown.
New: Enhanced sub domain documentation for the upcoming change in chrome 109 - see:
New: Tested with WordPress 6.0.2
Fix: replace_query_data which is used in the placeholder replacement like param={query-param} was using a non static method in a static context. This is not supported since php 8.0 anymore. This was causing a "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Non-static method ... cannot be called statically" error.
Fix: The standalone version file was missing a "," in the settings section that made the whole version failing.
Fix: check_iframe_batch_size new default is now 20 as the 100 before was not reliable enough.
Fix: The link in the registration message was linked to the wrong part of the options tab. Now it goes directly where you can enter the purchase code.
Fix: When saving a post the url was not checked even it was not enabled. Now ai_checkUrlStatus is called properly when the classic editor is used.

New: Tested with WordPress 6.0
New: fullscreen_button does now also support top_left and bottom_left to show the fullscreen button also on the left. Currently this can be only set in the shortcode.
Fix: The documentation of debug_js was wrong. debug_js="false" disables the debug console. Actually everything except false enabled it. Now only "bottom" does enable the debug console.
Fix: change_iframe_links was not supporting a ' in the jquery selector like a{{href^=''}}. Now ' is supported and also {{ }} are replaced properly with []

Fix: The WordPress theme Twenty Twenty-Two evaluates shortcodes before the body only. The advanced iframe pro optimization to prevent this leads to the issue that the iframes are not shown there! The optimization is now disabled by default and can be enabled on the options tab at "Technical options" -> "Prevent early shortcode execution". At the description you find the instructions how to check if the optimization will improve your site.
Fix: When the setting loading (default HTML lazy loading) to false the loading HTML attribute was still rendered. Now it is not rendered anymore like described in the documentation.
Fix: In 2022.3 the optimization for the timeout was containing a bug for the resize. This is now fixed.
Fix: aiRemoveFile does now also have a nonce and the check for it. This is no security issue as deleting an already deleted file causes no problems.

New: Fullscreen button on the iframe. Enabling this will add a button on the iframe where you can switch between a normal and a fullscreen iframe like youtube videos. It does support top, bottom and also if a scrollbar is in the iframe: top_scroll and bottom_scroll. See:
New: All features that modifies the iframe content (hide, modify css, onload_show_element_only, change targets/links ...) can now also be delayed with onload_resize_delay on the same domain. For the external workaround this was already implemented.
New: If enable_lazy_load is enabled the html lazy loading is disabled as it does not make sense to have both.
Fix: When you enter the URL directly in the administration WordPress replaces & with & This now replaced again by & internally again.
Fix: "Support WP multisite" was not working in all situations when the iframe communication solution was used. It is now only supported when using postMessage and removed for the iframe communication. As this feature is part of the pro version where postMessage is the recommended solution anyway, only users should be affected who forgot to switch to postMessage.
Fix: Resize on element resize was bound to one variable name for all iframes. Now every iframe on the page gets its own one. This prevents that 2 iframe overwrite the resize method of the other one.
Fix: Resize on element resize and lazy load could lead to an error as a variable was not reinitialized when the iframe code is added to the page.

Fix: The title was set to a space on all pages if use_iframe_title_for_parent was activated. And only on iframe pages it was set properly. This part of the feature was now removed again.

Fix: use_iframe_title_for_parent was rending in the free version the variable where a backup of the title into the title tag. This does actually work for normal users. Still this not very nice at all.
Fix: use_iframe_title_for_parent was only partly working when SEO plugins where active which also modified the title. Now the hook pre_get_document_title is used to get the current title.

New: Advanced iFrame now has out of the box support for embedded 3D models using the p3d 3D viewer. Go to and download a pre-configured plugin where the model does scale already nicely on all devices. Get started for free! If you need more storage or access to the Premium features of, you can get a 50% discount on your first payment with the coupon AIFRAME on checkout.
New: iframe_height_ratio is now available in the free version! This enables you now to include responsive videos without the pro version. See the demo here:
New: iframe_height_ratio can now also be defined in a more common way: 16:9. The ratio with : as separator. The old way was the other way around 0.5625. Both settings are still supported. See the demo here:
New: You can use the title of the iframe for the parent. After the iframe is loaded the title will be updated in the browser. This feature works on the same and the remote domain with the external workaround. The attribute for the shortcode and the external workaround is: is use_iframe_title_for_parent. Working examples can be found as part of this demos 32 and 33:
New: Minimizer is back. Now the new URL is used and also a fall back was implemented which uses now the the not minimized file in case of a problem.
New: Improved validation of change_iframe_links. if change_iframe_links is empty but other settings are done an error is reported
New: Improved validation of iframe_content_id and iframe_content_styles. Now also a error is shown when iframe_content_styles is set and iframe_content_id not.
New: , is now trimmed at the beginning and the end of all attributes. , at the end of jquery selectors make them invalid otherwise.
Security fix: ai_config_id in the administration was not validated properly on the server. Now the regex only allows a-zA-Z0-9_- as id like it was intended.
Security fix: The nonce is now also checked for all file creation operations requests where config/css/js files can be generated. Before it was only used when the normal config was saved.
Fix: The onload setting was not handling quotes properly anymore. They got replaced by ' because of a new general filter and this broke the onload settings because " where required. Now the input accepts " and ' and does convert them to " before usage. It can now also be used in shortcodes with '.
Fix: When using the loading icon together with less then 100% in % the % where added twice. So 50% where at the end 25% as it was applied to the icons div and the iframe. Now 50% are 50%.